Private information can easily become public information. So, with more and more work done in unsecured environments like cafes or in transit, visual privacy is a growing concern for employers and employees alike. And, highly regulated fields like law, healthcare, and finance can be especially vulnerable, in or out of the office. Make sure your workforce has the right tools such as privacy filters to protect sensitive data from unintended exposure.

Targus Privacy Filter Features


Low-Reflective Coating

Reduces glare; improves light transmittance


Up to 3 Installation Options

Adaptable, hassle-free installation


60˚ Angle Viewing Window

Data only visible directly in front of the screen and up to 30˚ on each side


Filters Blue Light

Lowers blue light transmittance to reduce eye strain

  • Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA)
  • Financial Services Act 2013, BNM said banks are required to have proper governance and effective internal controls to preserve customer confidentiality.
  • Highly recommended for Financial Institutions, Human resource department, Government sector, Customer service area and ATM
  • To prevent visual hacking and protection of sensitive personal data


We have successfully carried out a nationwide deployment of 660 monitor arms and 2363 privacy filters for a leading bank in Malaysia.


Swivolt Flexi Monitor Arm Features


For monitor size 10” to 32”.
Supports up to 13.6kg/monitor.
VESA (mm) : 63×63, 75×75, 100×100


Comes with both clamp and grommet option

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