Present anywhere, anytime with Crowdbeamer – the most unique wireless presentation system!


Crowdbeamer Supercharges The Productivity Of Your Business Meetings!

Business meetings are all about sharing information, discussion and interaction. And if you can do all that virtually anywhere and in less time, you’re sure to rev up productivity. Now that’s what Crowdbeamer is made for.

Meet just about anywhere

Meeting in a full-blown conference room? Joining an ad hoc meeting in a huddle space or a hotel lobby? Thanks to Crowdbeamer’s built-in WiFi and battery, it’s all possible.

Crowdbeamer streams your screen content straight to the laptops, tablets, and smartphones of everybody sitting around you, without needing any Wi-Fi network.



Crowdbeamer Supercharges Student’s Engagement During Classes

Keeping students engaged in class can often feel like a challenge. Using Crowdbeamer, it doesn’t have to be like that. Crowdbeamer is a game-changing presentation system that helps you connect with your students in new and better ways.

Connect to your students’ world

Crowdbeamer streams any content straight to your students’ mobile devices. As most of them are probably glued to their mobile devices, using them in class is an excellent opportunity to connect with your students.

Course notes tailored to your students’ needs

Using the free Crowdbeamer app, your students can view and zoom in on any content that you share. They can capture what they see and add comments to build course notes tailored to their own needs. They don’t need to scribble down all kinds of details during class. Instead, they can spend more time to think and only write down what is required to gain better insights..


The beauty of Crowdbeamer wireless presentation system is that it can be used for/at:

  • Campfire sessions (indoor/outdoor)
  • Dinner table presentations (for sponsor’s content)
  • Moving locations (in the bus, company visit, guided tour)
  • Sales pitches, team discussion, board meetings
  • Seminars, conferences, education and training
  • Hotel lobby, airport, exhibition booths
  • Huddle spaces
  • On the work floor (machine training, laboratory)
  • Cameras, video mixers, document cameras
  • Drones (air/underwater)

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