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Dathermark Laser Print Cartridge

Dathermark Laser Print Cartridge

Dathermark is on the highest quality compatible toner cartridges available for use in all HP LaserJet & Canon Laser Printers.


Why Use Dathermark Laser Print Cartridges ?


Page yield (life-span) equivalent or up to 20% greater than OEM Cartridges


Actual cost savings of up to 60% compared to prices of OEM cartridges.
(Beware of low-priced refilled and imitation cartridges but of shorter life-span)


Print quality and reliability equivalent to OEM cartridges, hence increasing job productivity and minimizing work disruption


  • SIRIM (ISO / IEC G25, SAMM no. 087 Test Report)
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • Voted BEST Vendor by an international Bank (in terms of product quality and services)

The Commitments of Dathermark

Dathermark GUARANTEES absolute performance satisfaction for each and every unit of our toner cartridges, otherwise we will replace or refund your money.

Performance Guaranteed

  • Market LOWEST defect rate is 3%
  • Page count guaranteed, equavalent to original HP Cartridge, otherwise we will replace the yield shortfall
  • A FREE unit replacement for every of our defect
  • LIFETIME warranty against manufacturing defects

All our cartridges are rebuilt to stringent specifications and passed rigorous performance tests and a final inspection prior to packaging. This entire process is designed to ensure the creation of a premium product of unbeatable quality.

Key Features of Dathermark Laser Print Cartridge

  • Dathermark laser print cartridge is currently the leading brand in Malaysia
  • Dathermark laser print cartridge is a compatible toner cartridge for use in laser printer
  • All critical components of the cartridge come from the world No.1 after-market component manufacturer in US. With the above we ensure the optimum print output efficiency and lowest defect rate.
  • Dathermark laser print cartridge is not a refilled toner cartridge. Refilled cartridges only refill toner and all old components will be reused.
  • We benchmark against the OEM quality and target to equate if not surpass such quality
  • Product quality satisfaction guaranteed. We will give you a FREE unit for every of our defect.
  • Lifespan/ page count guaranteed to equate the OEM if not surpass the lifespan. Tested and validated by SIRIM Berhad.
  • Industry’s lowest defect rate ie 3% or below.
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • We provide FREE printer servicing for printer uses Dathermark Laser Cartridge
  • Guaranteed to be 100% safe to use Dathermark Laser Print Cartridge and wil not cause damage, abnormal wear, or deterioration to your laser printers. For further assurance, we undertake or repair or replace the printer if Dathermark Laser Print Cartridge is the cause of damage.
  • Printer warranty will not be void for using Dathermark Laser Print Cartridge
  • Cost savings of up to 60% against OEM.
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 certification
  • End to end solution with single vendor contact point ie we can supply printer consumable as well as service printer. This is one of the most effective way to reduce cost and ease administrative workload.
  • Decision to purchase should not be based on pricing alone as all the above is crucial to determine the actual cost saving , eg. High yield/lifespan, after sales services-printer repair/service, high printout quality, low defect rate, single vendor contact point etc.
EBA Document Shredder
  • Eba is made in Germany and the brand is more than 80 years
  • One of the highest quality document shredders in the world
  • First class in data protection with high security level cutting size
Mobile Office
  • Lightweight portable projector as light as 0.5kg.
  • Portable scanner, as slim as 5cm, as light as 1kg.
  • Scan with convenience with built-in battery and Wi-Fi.
  • Wireless projection, no cables, seamless and fast.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for people on the move
  • Light weight, convenient to bring around, fits in briefcase
  • Increase productivity, enhance professionalism
  • Projector easy to set up with auto keystone correction
  • Stable wireless mirroring and video streaming

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