Innovative Teaching and Learning Solutions

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Our innovative teaching and learning solutions encompasses 4 main functionalities of a smart and engaging teaching & learning methodology. It would also include Social media collaborative platform or learning management systems (LMS). These solutions are tailored to fit for any education institution in Malaysia.

Collaborative Spaces

  • Interactive projection and annotation
  • Document Camera
  • Integrated control system
  • Universal docking system
  • Design and built group study facilities
  • Collaborative platform / software

Key Benefits

  • To promote collaboration and teacher/student engagement through presentations, interactive and active learning
  • Develop higher level thinking, oral communication, self-management, leadership skills
  • Promotion of student-faculty interaction
  • Student friendly
  • Increase student retention, self-esteem and responsibility
  • Preparation for real life social and employment situations
  • Encourage social learning: Students are able to self-study, collaborate, relax and socialize.

Mobile Classroom

  • Mobile cart
  • Table-top projection
  • Universal docking station
  • Social media collaborative platform
  • Wireless presentation
  • Table-top projection – File sharing and annotation
  • Universal docking station – Document camera
  • Social media collaborative platform – Portable projector

Key Benefits

  • Enjoyable, fun and engaging
  • Increase mobility, save education costs and time
  • Can be anywhere and anytime
  • Adopt flexibility and convenience in learning

Ultra Widescreen Projection

  • Edge Blending technology: to create ultra wide panoramic projection
  • Involves 2 or more projectors to create a single large image. The overlapped edges are perfectly blended to create one seamless image.
  • Especially useful in auditorium, multi-purpose halls, theatre environment and other large spaces.

Key Benefits

  • Bright, vibrant, seamless, high impact projection brings more live
  • Students more motivated to participate in stage events like speech and drama, theatre, dance and public speaking
  • Principal and teachers feel proud of the school while parents very impressed
  • Positive feedback from School on increase of intake due to emphasis on speech and drama that promotes public speaking, overcome stage fright/anxiety, expression, self-confidence, creative imagination etc.

Leacture Capture Solution

  • Panapto – World leading cloud-based video platform
  • Customers- University of Oxford, Yale University, John Hopkins University, Stanford University, Columbia University and many other world’s top universities
  • Video content management system
  • Smart search, record videos, live stream, remote scheduling, edit online, mobile apps
  • Lecture and student recording
  • Active learning
  • Auto tracking camera

Key Benefits

  • Able to access to lesson missed
  • Replay to revise lesson and stay focus in class
  • Able to watch lesson from anywhere including via mobile device
  • Lecturers can watch these videos and assess their teaching style and ability
  • Research shows 65% people are visual learners like graphs, pictures, charts during lecture
Corporate Training
  • Interactive projector – able to do annotations, split screen and multi-location.
  • Video conferencing
  • Wireless presentation – ScreenBeam 960
  • Integrated control panel
  • Universal docking station
  • Speakerphone

Key Benefits

  • Collaborative, interactive, lively training space
  • Wireless presentation make space neater, save time and money
  • Enhance creativity and increase productivity

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