Our mission and goal is to provide next- generation technology and the pragmatic application of IT to corporate, finance and education institution to help realize tangible benefits from their IT investments while enabling their business to adapt quickly to change.


Our Solutions

5 types of solutions each tailored to your specific needs


Innovative Teaching and Learning Solutions

Providing education institutions with the modern teaching and interactive technologies to enhance student development and student-faculty interaction.


Visual Privacy Solutions

Effective way to protect your on-screen data, perfect for financial institutions, human resource department, government sector or public areas.


Innovative Content Delivery

Projection mapping is an attractive and exciting method to convey a message to the audience. Projection light is mapped onto any surface, turning common objects into interactive displays.


Cost Saving Print Solution & Office Equipment

Providing corporate outsourcing of printer services and supplies to optimize their printer spendings and increase their productivity and efficiency


Service and Maintenance

Repair Services and Maintenance Contract, adhoc repair services and preventive maintenance of your projectors/printers for your business needs

Brand Thats We Carry

Consumer choice awards brands to deliver the best results and efficiency

Epson – Dathermark Malaysia
Screenbeam – Dathermark Malaysia
Panopto – Dathermark Malaysia
Teamie – Dathermark Malaysia
Logitech – Dathermark Malaysia
Dathermark Premium Toners
Swivolt – Dathermark Malaysia
Targus – Dathermark Malaysia
Jergotron – Dathermark Malaysia
iSmart – Dathermark Malaysia
Jabra- Dathermark Malaysia
Samsung – Dathermark Malaysia
Canon Printers – Dathermark Malaysia
Philips- Dathermark Malaysia
Fujitsu – Dathermark Malaysia
Grandview – Dathermark Malaysia
Benq - Dathermark Malaysia
Eba - Dathermark Malaysia

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